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Heritage Walking Tour

This page has all the information you need to use our interactive heritage walking tour of the neighbourhood. Try it, it’s free!

Heritage and Fresh Air

On the 18th May 2019, the Forum held a public meeting focused on Heritage. We have been working with a team of undergraduates from Bournemouth University on a project for the Forum, done as part of their degree studies.

The team has created some really exciting material about the heritage of our area and wrapped it in a fun walking tour. You can load the app onto your smart phone, whether iOS (Apple) or Android, and it will guide you around the interesting places the team has researched.

And if it's raining, or you're not able to get out: no problem! You can also take the tour from the comfort of your home computer by visiting the web site instead. Either way, nearly thirty mini-histories await you.

Graphic of how to obtain the walking tour app

Get the App

An example of the app's Augmented Reality display

You can get the tour onto your smart phone or tablet by visiting your usual App Store: The App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android (eg Samsung) devices. Then download the Pocketsights app.

For Apple devices,  click here. For Android devices,  click here.

Once the app is running, you may see our tour immediately. If you don't, tap the 'Search' button and search for 'Memories of Charminster'.

If you're using your computer, visit pocketsights.com and find 'Memories of Charminster' or go directly to our walk by clicking  this link.

Once you are out walking, you can opt for the preplanned walking tour that guides you around the neighbourhood, visiting all of the heritage sites. Alternatively, you can roam freely and your device will show your position relative to nearby sites.

You can also use the very cool AR (Augmented Reality) mode where you use your device's camera to look around and direction signs appear for the different sites. An example is in the picture.

In the screenshot you can see the view from the phone’s camera in the background. Overlaid on the view are buttons (controls) at the top and bottom along with information about the destination. We can see that it is 99 feet to the church (being 41 steps) and it looks like it will take a minute to get there (Charminster Road traffic permitting).

There is more information about the app in the presentation given by the team at the Forum’s public meeting. Download the slides by clicking  here.

This is the first version of the walking tour so please do let us know what you think. We’d also like to know whether you have anything to add or have found any mistakes.

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