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About the Neighbourhood and Forum

A Neighbourhood Forum is a group of people who live and work in an area that has been set up by the community specifically to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. It is in addition to any forums and residents' groups that already exist in the area. 

Queen’s Park & Charminster Neighbourhood Forum is open to anyone living or working within the neighbourhood's Designated Area (see the map). This covers the park itself, residential areas including a large part of Charminster and both sides of Charminster Road. This area has more than 12,000 residents with a diverse demographic of residents and properties.

Our (council-approved) Neighbourhood Forum will enable the community to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the area in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. This allows communities to influence changes in their area including, for example, what is built and what amenities are provided. The Plan feeds into Bournemouth Local Planning Policy and will have statutory status.

By devising the Neighbourhood Plan, the community will be able to influence and shape the future of the area. It should enable landowners, developers and planners to better understand what local residents consider to be acceptable and desirable.


First Public Meetings (2017)

A small group of local residents got together in Autumn 2017 and organised three Community Workshops ( Download the presentation from the meetings). Everyone living or working within the Queen’s Park and Charminster was invited, a presentation set the scene and discussions identified what people think are important about the area.

Initial Results

There was a general consensus from the 2017 public meetings on a number of topics around the neighbourhood's evolution.

Some of the suggestions were that we should:
• Preserve the character of the area
• Manage population densities and open spaces
• Improve the quality of new homes and conversions
• Improve the upkeep of properties
• Reduce parking stress

You can contribute to the work and goals of the Forum. If you live or work in the Neighbourhood, you can join too. Please tell us what you think about the initial results of our consultations.

• To comment, please use our Facebook page (link below).
• To join, see the section below.
• To contact us directly, use the E-Mail address.
• If you live/work in/near the neighbourhood, you’re welcome at meetings.
• Members of the Forum can vote in the meetings too.

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Join the Forum

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If you live or work in the neighbourhood (or are one of our councillors), you can join the Forum. The button below will take you to a brief questionnaire (on Survey Monkey) and then we’ll sign you up. You’ll get an invite to meetings and you can do as much or as little work on the Plan as you choose.
The minimum you can do is add your name to our membership list to show that you support the Forum; we’d love you to do more. It’s free.


We Need People to Help

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How You Can Help

All of the forum’s activities need people, some of them leaders too. The Forum itself needs four elected officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). All the Working Groups need teams to do their work.

We need to liaise with community groups and the council, do you have a particular interest or existing relationship that would help? Do you want to lead on some aspect of the neighbourhood? Do you want to organise Forum events?

Get in contact for more information about any of these roles (our E-Mail address is at the bottom).

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