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This page provides information about and
supporting material from Forum meetings.

First Public Meetings (2017)

A small group of local residents got together in Autumn 2017 and organised three Community Workshops. Everyone living or working within the Queen’s Park Ward Area was invited, a presentation set the scene and discussions identified what people think are important about the area.

These meetings were started by leafleting the entire ward area. They created the initial results shown below and generated enough enthusiasm to allow the formal creation of a Neighbourhood Forum.

Download the presentation from the meeting here.

Initial Results


There was a general consensus from the 2017 public meetings on a number of topics around the neighbourhood's evolution.

Some of the suggestions were that we should:
• Preserve the character of the area
• Manage population densities and open spaces
• Improve the quality of new homes and conversions
• Improve the upkeep of properties
• Reduce parking stress

Launch Meeting: June 2018

The Forum's Launch Meeting was held on Thursday June 28th 2018 at the Woodpecker Café in the park. There was a good attendance, all the more creditable given the clash with an England World Cup football match so thanks to everyone who attended.

There was a set of interesting workshops with lively debate and a number of good ideas around issues in the neighbourhood area. The issues raised matched well to those from the 2017 public meetings so there is some confidence that we are on the right track.

Download the notes from the launch meeting  here.

Download the presentation from the meeting  here.

Public Meeting: December 2018

Gateway to Charminster and the Neighbourhood

The Forum held an open meeting on the 1st December to talk about the structure of our proposed Neighbourhood Plan and, in particular, the Heritage working group.

If you missed it, the presentation slides can be downloaded from the ‘Documents’ page and the graphic that describes the Plan’s themes can be downloaded from the ‘The Plan’ page.

The meeting launched a Heritage-themed questionnaire. This will help to shape the working group’s activities so we’d like as many responses as possible. The questionnaire is now closed, its results will form part of the evidence for the final Neighbourhood Plan.

Green Spaces Meeting: March 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to the public meeting on 27th March at The Brunswick. This was a well-attended meeting with some lively, and really useful, discussions.

For those who couldn’t make it, the meeting focused on our Green Spaces and Amenities theme, looking at all of the green space in our neighbourhood area. It started with an overview of the current ideas and was followed by a series of group discussions on each part of the theme. Those with sufficient stamina had five discussions, one on each part! It’s a good job that we supplied tea and coffee (and that The Brunswick also supplies something stronger).

The presentation from the start of the meeting can be downloaded  by clicking here.

Community Walk: April 2019

Following the series of heritage walks in the autumn of 2018 that looked at the built environment, a band of members set off to look at the biggest of our green spaces.

On April 14th, Forum members had a very pleasant community walk in Queen’s Park. This was inspired by the preceding Green Spaces-themed public meeting and was ably led by Sarah. We walked the length of the park and felt both educated and revitalised.

There was fishing too. That was a heron who has taken up residence on an island in the lake. The fish was plucked from the water as we talked about the lake and eaten as we left.

Heritage Meeting: May 2019

Image of a tower crane working on a high-rise building

Thanks to everyone who came to the public meeting on Saturday 18th May 2019 at the Woodpecker Café. The meeting was really well attended and generated a lot of discussion on our Heritage theme.

The meeting talked about Heritage, what it means and how we want to treat it in the future. We were also delighted to welcome our student team from Bournemouth University who have undertaken a project for us as part of their degree studies.

The students have created some really exciting material about the heritage of our area. This is presented in a walking tour app that you can take with you on your phone or use at home on your computer, click the link below to find out more.

The meeting also discussed the results of our Heritage questionnaire (conducted late last year and early this year). The full results can be downloaded by  clicking here. The presentation slides are available by clicking  here.

Annual General Meeting: September 2019

Charminster Road

The Forum’s AGM was held in September. The main business was gathering ideas for our Charminster Road "High Street" theme. The challenge is to find ideas for our Neighbourhood Plan to support the High Street that we want.

The meeting was also our formal AGM (download the minutes from last year). The AGM appointed the Forum’s four elected officers in accordance with the constitution. The meeting was open to everyone with an interest in the Neighbourhood although only Forum members were able to vote on AGM issues.

Minutes for this meeting to come.

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