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Forum Meetings

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This page provides information about and supporting material from Forum meetings.

First Public Meetings (2017)

A small group of local residents got together in Autumn 2017 and organised three Community Workshops. Everyone living or working within the Queen’s Park Ward Area was invited, a presentation set the scene and discussions identified what people think are important about the area.

These meetings were started by leafleting the entire ward area. They created the initial results shown below and generated enough enthusiasm to allow the formal creation of a Neighbourhood Forum.

Download the presentation from the meeting here.

Initial Results

There was a general consensus from the 2017 public meetings on a number of topics around the neighbourhood's evolution.

Some of the suggestions were that we should:
• Preserve the character of the area
• Manage population densities and open spaces
• Improve the quality of new homes and conversions
• Improve the upkeep of properties
• Reduce parking stress

Launch Meeting (2018)

The Forum's Launch Meeting was held on Thursday June 28th 2018 at the Woodpecker Café in the park. There was a good attendance, all the more creditable given the clash with an England World Cup football match so thanks to everyone who attended.

There was a set of interesting workshops with lively debate and a number of good ideas around issues in the neighbourhood area. The issues raised matched well to those from the 2017 public meetings so there is some confidence that we are on the right track.

Download the notes from the launch meeting here.

Download the presentation from the meeting here.

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